• Picture 1 - Indiyah Picture 1 - Indiyah
  • Picture 2 - Tasha Picture 2 - Tasha
  • Picture 3 - Amber Picture 3 - Amber
  • Picture 4 - Close up of Ambers' nails Picture 4 - Close up of Ambers' nails

Love Island Nails 2022

Hi everyone!

You know it's officially summer when Love Island is back on our tv at 9pm every evening. But did you know that our talented Edcuator Thi from Georgie Smedley Group, flew out to the Love Island villa to get the boys and girls mani ready for their ‘summer of love’!

The girls were obsessed with the speedy application of the Gelish Soft Gel system and were also lovers of the classic French Tip. Even Ikenna couldn’t resist joining in on a fresh pedicure using Gelish’s ‘Top It Off’. Check out some of following gorgeous islanders with the fresh manicures!

When it comes to simple and elegant nails, one thing that stands out amongst the rest is definitely a classic French Tip. As shown in picture 1, Indiyah certainly rocked this look with our Soft Gel 'Medium Square' tips using our 'Cover Pink Structure' gel and 'Arcrtic Freeze' gel. It is definitely her go to from now on as she ‘loves the quickness and sexiness of them’.

Gelish Soft Gel Soft Gel Tips (Available in 7 Styles) | Search Results | | Georgie Smedley Ltd. (nailharmonyuk.co.uk)

Gelish Structure Gel - Brush On Formula - Cover Pink | Search Results | | Georgie Smedley Ltd. (nailharmonyuk.co.uk)

Gelish Dip Arctic Freeze | Search Results | | Georgie Smedley Ltd. (nailharmonyuk.co.uk)

A popular nail trend that has a minimal but classy look is known as the ‘milky nails’. This has been worn by many celebrities including Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez. So why not take this look to the next level with a beautiful but subtle shimmer and a slight blue tint. Shown in picture 2, is Tasha looking absolutely gorgeous wearing the shade 'Wrapped in Satin' with our 'Medium Round' style tips creating the perfect natural look.

Gelish Wrapped In Satin | Search Results | | Georgie Smedley Ltd. (nailharmonyuk.co.uk)

We’ve spoken about the stylish and sleek look achieved from a classic French Tip, but the possibilities are really endless with this manicure from changing the colour, design or shape. As seen in picture 3 and 4, Amber looked incredible with her Acrylic French Tip nails with a crocodile print; another popular trend. This was achieved from our marvellous product Blooming gel which gives a flawless effect as the colour disperses. Here is the link below to the product so you can recreate this look!

Gelish Blooming Coat | Search Results | | Georgie Smedley Ltd. (nailharmonyuk.co.uk)

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