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  • Our Brands: Aeropuffing!
  • Our Brands: Aeropuffing!
  • Our Brands: Aeropuffing!
  • Our Brands: Aeropuffing!

Our Brands: Aeropuffing!

More about our simple answer to nail art.

Hi everyone,

All of you likely know by now that we stock Aeropuffing alongside our other ranges, but those who haven't had the chance to try it yet may not understand quite how AMAZING it is! Today, we're giving you the rundown on why you NEED Aeropuffing in your life.

Firstly, Aeropuffing is a system that provides nail techs with unlimited possibilities in design, whilst being very simple in understanding and usage. It gives an airbrushing effect without the airbrush set meaning less fuss, mess and time! Speed and quality are most important to nail techs when considering new products, and Aeropuffing luckily caters to both of these. Thanks to Aeropuffing, any technician can create nail designs of different complexity including ombre, multicoloured gradients, pink and whites, 3D effects and texture designs. The possibilities are truly endless!

Our hero product is the Aeropuffing Nail Art Complete Essentials Kit. As its title suggests, this product has everything a nail tech will need to create an array of different designs. It includes sticks and sponges, 12 colour pastes, two top coat options, a stainless steel palette and a set of reusable stencils. All of this is available at just £139.99 +VAT!

We also have a huge selection of reusable stencils that are fit for every occasion; from skulls to butterflies, we truly have it all! As well as our colour gel pastes, we also have a Chrome selection full of gorgeous golds, silvers, coppers and more. Finally, our brushes are a must have and can be used for a range of designs, Aeropuffing or not! If you're into working with high quality instruments and strive for achieving outstanding nail designs – these brushes are for you. Our four options are Linear, Striper, Petal and Angled.

"I love Aeropuffing because.....
I am not naturally able to create designs without copying others...Aeropuffing literally does it all for you, find your inspiration on Aeropuffing Instagram, choose your stencils, create an ombre background in seconds, and puff through your stencils to create designs that look like professional airbrushing! It's a no brainer for a simple Baby Boomer, or something that LOOKS like a complex design but took seconds!"

Georgie Smedley, Managing Director

“My favourite nail art product!! An absolute game changer for me. During lockdown I really started to get into nail art and it gave me much needed time to play around with my Aeropuffing kit! The product is so versatile – I can do: - ombré, airbrushing effect designs, one stroke, water paint, marble, detailed line work, shading and highlighting. The possibilities are endless with Aeropuffing! The product is great for any techs skill level. I always describe the Aeropuffing pastes as similar to acrylic paints – except we don’t have to wait on them drying and they cure in a lamp! I love this product!”

Amy Martin, GSG Educator

Find our Aeropuffing range here: https://www.nailharmonyuk.co.uk/product-category/52/214/Aeropuffing/Aeropuffing.htm

Find a helpful Q&A with Jazz here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CVnLz1gIp_X/

Chloë Johnson