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  • Georgie Smedley, Nikki Panayiotou and Jazz Christodoulou Georgie Smedley, Nikki Panayiotou and Jazz Christodoulou
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It's International Women's Day!

Get your hands on Georgie and Jazz's favourite products.

Hey guys,

It's International Women's Day, and we are proud to be a business that is predominantly run by strong, independent, talented and cool ladies!

Char Smedley is Head of Distribution. She works tirelessly to order our stock, update our website and make sure everything to do with products and purchasing is running smoothly. Nikki Panayiotou and Stacie Eveleigh are the numbers ladies who work in Accounts, making sure the books are balanced and invoices are paid! Charlie Jones, Mia Watts and Chloë Johnson (myself!) make up the Sales Team, aiding customers with queries, answering phonecalls/emails and invoicing orders. Charlie is Sales Supervisor, ensuring smooth sailing in the office. Mia doubles up as an Education Assistant meaning she issues certificates, invoices training and prepares customers for their courses. Chloë runs all of our social media accounts including Instagram and Facebook, manages the brand ambassadors and creates socials/magazine/blog content.

We have our Head of Education Kristina Manners who also distributes products in the Southwest region, as well as our dedicated team of talented Educators who are based all over the UK and provide top quality training courses to all students. Our Educators are Claire Blincoe, Catherine Jimenez, Amy Martin, Thi Jackson, Debbie Willis and Emma Prescott. Lydia Kontos distributes products in the London, Herts and Essex region and visits salons to ensure people are getting the best from their products. Finally, our nine brand ambassadors help us to promote our products and create gorgeous content for us: Bekki Woolnough, Diana Pajeva, Emily Cording, Jessica Prout, Lisa Lilley, Maz Wilson, Sophie Donaldson, Nicole Parker and Georgina Duffy.

At the heart of it all is Managing Director Georgie Smedley and General Manager Jazzmin Christodoulou, who oversee ALL of the above! Our company would not be what it is today without them, and they work non-stop behind the scenes to provide support to our office staff, sub-distributors, education team, ambassadors and of course, you guys.

To help you celebrate with us, we have created two stunning new edits with six shades each, that have been hand-picked by Georgie and Jazz themselves. They wanted you to be able to experience their all time favourite Gelish shades in one bundle, so each edit is priced at just £60 +VAT!

Georgie's Edit includes Glamour Queen, Shooting Star, You Glare I Glow, Ice or No Dice, Hot Rod Red and Feeling Swim-sical, a mixture of all-rounders perfect for every season. Jazz's Edit includes Forever Beauty, All That Glitters is Gold, Champagne, On Cloud Mine, The Sparkle in Her Eyes and Clean Slate. Both edits come with an empty cardboard display stand and pre-painted display tips so you can show off your new colours with pride! They are available from our website now.

We hope all our amazing women out there are feeling proud of their achievements and more importantly, proud to be a woman! x

Chloë Johnson