• The red circle shows what should be visible outside the lamp. The red circle shows what should be visible outside the lamp.

Hand Placement is Key!

Why you probably don't need a new lamp.


The above is probably the most dreaded sentence for every nail tech to hear, and the prospect of having to buy a new lamp is never a welcome one. However, did you know that nine times out of ten, uncured gel is the result of incorrect hand placement inside your lamp, especially if it's the middle fingers that aren't curing correctly?

When your client pops their hand inside the lamp, you must ensure that you can see what we call 'hand cleavage' 😂. This is when you can visibly see the line that goes between the thumb and the forefinger outside of the lamp. The thumb must be just about inside the light, with the thumb knuckle almost outside of it.

Though this may seem like a given, we all know too often some clients move their hands around in the lamp, stick their hand in too far or even knock their hand on the inside of the lamp when putting their hands in. If your client is a little too relaxed, they may lean their fingers to one side meaning only one side of their nails cure. Don't be afraid to explain to the client what their hand should look like, or even pop their hand in the lamp yourself! If it means they get the best out of their mani and you have faith in your lamp, what is there to lose?

Don't forget that LED bulbs can't wear out; if they are broken, they will have blown. It isn't a possibility for them to gradually stop curing your clients nails, so don't panic.

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Chloë Johnson