Why is Gelish Number One?

Hey guys,

Many of you are aware that Gelish is the No.1 Gel Polish, but does anyone actually know why? Apart from giving you a chip free, long lasting manicure, let us tell you why Gelish is a necessity in your salon.

First things first, Gelish is the ORIGINAL gel polish. Established by CEO and Founder Danny Haile, Gelish was the first gel polish to be packaged in a bottle, with a brush, as a quick, easy and efficient gel application process. Since 2009, Gelish has produced over 300 colours and counting, and sold in over 80 countries worldwide. Georgie Smedley Group currently stock a whopping 272 shades; there's something for every look, every tech and every trend. Gelish is created FOR nail techs BY nail techs, who understand the importance of the tools of the craft.

Since 2010, Gelish has won an incredible amount of awards, not just for our polishes but for our lamps, prep products, gel paints and more. Kicking things off in 2010, Gelish placed in the Top 10 Gel System's in the Readers Choice Awards and has been ever-improving since. The following year, we placed in the Top 5 for both our polishes and prep products, and our Hard Gel placed in the Top 5 Favourite New Products. The rest is history! We are still winning awards today; 2021 saw us take home the prize for Best Nail Treatment with our VitaGel Strength and Recovery, as well as Best Gel Paints for our Art Form Gels. The extensive list of all awards won can be found here: https://gelish.com/awards.

Another notable feature is that Gelish is 100% cruelty free! We are incredibly proud to identify as a PETA® certified cruelty free brand. Since its creation, Gelish has been a brand created for professionals with the highest quality products. As the gold standard soak-off gel polish we are raising the bar higher, highlighting quality with a conscience. The nail market continues to be flooded with low quality products that have unclear values which makes us even more proud to identify with PETA®, the largest animal rights organisation in the world. PETA® is devoted to protecting the rights of all animals and we are proud to have received our certification from such an amazing organization.

Did you know that even the latest batches of Gelish are improved formulas? If you have purchased any of our 2021/2022 collections, you will have noticed less streaky, no crinkling, better coverage, better colour stability. Why? Because the manufacturers listen to their customers. Yes, they want YOU to be happy with your purchases every time, and when you inform us of improvements you’d like, we pass that along, and we are seeing the benefits!

Keep the comments coming, because they ARE heard!

Here at Georgie Smedley Group HQ, we have a dedicated team of individuals as well as Educators and Ambassadors across the UK who are extremely passionate about the brand. If our word wasn't enough, hopefully the above will convince you that you're using the best brand out there, and if you aren't yet using Gelish in your salon, hopefully this post will convert you! x

Chloe Johnson