Getting the Best from your Gelish Colours!

Read our top tips for looking after your bottles.

Like many other gel polishes, Gelish has a very large range of colours, which means they will contain a combination of pigments, glitters, dyes, and shimmers etc.

These are mixed into a clear gel base to create the required colour or effect. Although the gel is designed to suspend these additives, they can sometimes sink to the bottom if they are heavy. This will manifest itself as separation when you try to paint it, or the full glitter effect may not show, or the gel may look watery.

So how do we combat this? Simply put, we mix it! However, we all know that GELISH must NOT be shaken! If the gel is stored in a cold salon, the first thing to do it to heat it. This thins the gel making it easier to mix. Then, if it’s highly pigmented or a glitter formula, it’s best to use a stir stick to really move those particles away from the base of the bottle. Once you’ve mixed it well, replace the lid, turn it upside down, and then ‘wave’ it. You will find your colour is so much better after that, and you won’t need to do this each time you use it, just keep a check on it.

What else would you like our help or troubleshooting with? Let us know!

Georgie Smedley