Protect Your Gel Bottles This Winter!

If you're anything like us in not-so-sunny Essex, the weather has drastically turned and it's getting colder! The cold weather could mean that your gel polishes start acting up; perhaps they're harder to apply, they're wrinkling easily or you're struggling to close your bottles properly due to the gel thickening up. Us here at GSG can assure you that they're NOT faulty and you don't need to panic buy your favourite festive shades for the winter season!

To ensure your gel applies as beautifully as ever during the winter months, there are a few helpful tips and tricks that we'd love to share with you. Firstly, you want to make sure your gel polish stands at room temperature for a while before application. It may be helpful to get your heating on in the salon ASAP, so that when it's time for treatment, your gel has returned to its appropriate viscosity.

If it comes to treatment time and you think it still needs an extra nudge, place your gel bottle in a bowl of hot (nearly boiling!) water for ten minutes or whilst you're doing your prep - this is totally safe to do, and will ensure perfect application. Remember - don't be tempted to place your bottles in natural sunlight (if you have any sun, that is!) OR in a microwave (yes this has been tried!) as this risks damaging the gel and or bottle.

For nail techs who travel, we can recommend a soup thermos half filled with boiling water to pop your bottle in during prep!

If your gel has thickened up recently - don't worry! We're here to help, and can assure you that it's the cold weather interfering. Warming your Gelish repeatedly is quite safe, so you can do this at any time, even during hotter climates, if you want your gel polish to apply thinner than it's natural room temperature viscosity.

Good luck with your festive designs this season! x

Chloë Johnson