• Lisa Lilley - Gelish 'Good Gossip' with Essential White Art Form Gel Lisa Lilley - Gelish 'Good Gossip' with Essential White Art Form Gel
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  • Jessica Prout - Art Form Gels Jessica Prout - Art Form Gels

The Easiest Winter Nail Art

Chrome Stix, Aeropuffing and more!

How is it December already?! Though this year has flown past and many of us are still stuck in 2020, it's definitely time to start preparing for those customers who love getting arty during the winter months. However complicated it looks, nail art can be made simple with the right products, so join us as we show you how you can improve your nail art during this festive season!


For those who aren't familiar, Aeropuffing is a nail art system that creates an airbrushed look without the mess, fuss or high cost! It utilises sponges, fine brushes, coloured gel pastes and reusable stencils to create an endless amount of opportunities when it comes to nail art. During the winter season, Aeropuffing can be used to create an ombre winter landscape, detailed snowflakes, or why not use the chrome pastes in gold or silver for some added flair? For those who don't quite feel ready to give freehand a go, we have many winter themed reusable stencils including stars, bows, christmas trees and reindeers. Aeropuffing is the perfect solution to timely, cost effective and SIMPLE nail art.

Art Form Gel

If one stroke nail art is your thing, our Gelish Art Form Gels are the way forward. The 2D technology gives the nail tech total artistic control by allowing you to define and design your nail art with ease. Our gels do not wrinkle and there is no inhibition layer, meaning they can effortlessly take your work to the next level. Our gels can be purchased individually and are also available in four kits: Pastels, Neons, Essentials and Effects, meaning the opportunities are endless. Art Form Gels are best used with our Gel Striper Brush for flawless application.

Ombre Coat

Gelish Dip lovers, fear not. Our BRAND NEW Ombre Coat is the perfect answer to achieving an ombre look in seconds. Ombre is renowned for being a tricky and timely service, but is still a high demand fan-favourite. Our new light activated ombre coat allows professionals to upcharge for a trend forward look but execute a full look in just minutes.

Blooming Gel

Another new product is upon us! Our new Gelish Blooming Gel allows nail techs to create marble and watercolours effects within minutes. Blooming Gel promises fast and easy application and no mess. It is LED cured so will fit perfectly within your treatment, and can transform a full set within minutes. Pair it with greens, reds or golds for a festive look.

Striping Tape

If you're looking for a really quick fix, our Gelish Nail Art Tape Dispenser Kit is the ideal product for you. Striping tape can be used to add a pop or shine to any manicure, and is great for an accent nail on those customers who just desire a touch of creativity. Our tape comes in 15 colours designed specifically for the winter period, and each colour checks in at over 20m long!

Gelish Colours

Do you have plenty of clients who would rather opt for a winter colour rather than art? Luckily, Gelish have plenty of options. Good Gossip, a gorgeous red glitter is easily our festive best seller, which can be used on its own or alongside nail art to create an incredibly eye-catching look. Walking on Stardust is also the perfect red glitter for the winter season, or why not try Sprinkle of Twinkle, a chunky silver glitter. If you're looking for an indulgent gold, Tender Curiosity from our Gatsby's Secret Collection is the way forward. Your more daring clients may like to try Kisses Under The Mistletoe, a glittery green.

Chrome Stix

Gelish Chrome Stix are the easiest and fastest way to achieve a gorgeous chrome finish to your gel manicure! Chrome Stix come in six multi-dimensional shades that are guaranteed to take your nail look to the next level. Chrome Stix offer a reflective chrome shine that cannot be achieved with gel polish or lacquer applications alone. The beauty of Chrome Stix is that they are packaged in ready to use, rub-on pens which makes the application take only seconds. Gone are the days of fighting with a pot and doing your best not to spill or waste! With Chrome Stix, application is as easy as removing the cap and putting pen to nail for an instantaneous chrome finish. Our Silver and Gold Holographic stix are perfect for the winter season!


Sometimes nail art is made 100 times simpler just from making sure you're using the correct brush. The Angled Aeropuffing Brush (No.4) is a great tool that any nail tech should have. It boasts a top quality ergonomic handle made of special plastic, a protective cap with a silicon coating from the inside that protects brush bristles and elastic bristles made out of synthetic fibre. The Aeropuffing Striper Brush (No.2) is also an essential brush to own when it comes to nail art. Another best seller is our Gelish Gel Striper Brush, which also comes in a Mini size.

All of the above products, plus many more, are available now on our website. Thankyou for reading, the GSG Team cannot wait to see all our your winter looks this season!

*all products are whilst stocks last*

Chloë Johnson