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Swirl into Summer!

A step-by-step of this year's hottest trend.

Trends come and go, but us here at Georgie Smedley Group think we have found one that's here to stay. For the past few months, nail techs have been creating the most gorgeous looks with swirls and squiggles, whether these feature bright summer shades or neutral nudes. As this is clearly the go-to look of the summer, we decided to ask our newest educator Amy Martin to talk us through how she created one of her best looks to date using this trend, taking only five minutes per nail.

1. Choose your base colour!

I opted for ‘Call My Blush with a layer of 'Cellophane Coat' for some added sparkle.

Then apply a layer of Matte Top It Off; I find a matte base makes an easier surface for painting nail art.

2. Choose two different colours.

I chose ‘Spin Me Around’ and 'Into The Limelight' from the new Feel The Vibes collection.

I also chose to use my Essentials White Art Form Gel. I love how these colours go together!

3. I start off by doing two large wavy horizontal lines down the corners of the nail using the Art Form Gel.

I make the line thicker at each end and drag it out at the corners, which helps add to the illusion that the lines are curving around the nail.

Cure for 30 seconds.

4. I then take ‘Into The Limelight' and start going down the sides beside the white gel, again curving it around and making the line thicker towards the end of the wavy line.

Flash cure.

5. I then repeat this with 'Spin Me Around' on the other side of white line, continuing to drag the line thinner towards the end

Cure for 30 seconds.

*TIP – after you have used your other two colours on both sides of your white line, you can go back over the FIRST LINES with the white again to touch up.*

6. Finish with your Top It Off!

I love how versatile this design can be! It’s the perfect nail art for any season, as you can use brighter neon’s in the summer, and swap them for more natural/darker tones for the winter months!

Don't forget to tag us in your designs using this technique!

Instagram: @georgiesmedleygroup

Amy Martin, Chloe Johnson