Get Ready for Battle!

Amy tells all about Lash eXtend's game changing Battle Glue.

Although we specialise in nails, Georgie Smedley Group are immensely proud to stock Lash eXtend, which is a high-quality, semi-permanent individual lash system. Today, former ambassador and new educator Amy Martin tells us her experience of discovering Battle Glue, the fastest setting lash adhesive created by Yvonne Van Wieren. For Amy, this glue has been a game-changer, and we know it would be the same for many more of our readers!

A few years ago, I completed my classic lash training - as much as I loved doing lashes, I always felt that there was something missing. I tried many different glues but NONE seemed to hit the mark. They were either too slow at drying, the fumes would be too high or my clients couldn’t manage to keep them on for long enough. if I swapped to a weaker glue and opted for a low odour/sensitive glue, my clients weren’t getting the retention they usually got. I just couldn’t win.

I had been using the 'Lash Extend' lashes for quite a while as I loved how natural, light and fluffy they were. They were also a dream to apply. When I attended the Georgie Smedley Group Dinner last year, I got chatting to one of the Educators and explained to her the problem I was having with my glues; she then went on to mention how much she loved using the 'LASH EXTEND BATTLE GLUE' and explained all her reasons why. Of course, I purchased it as soon as I got home and couldn't wait to try it!

Now if I'm being completely honest, it is one of the more expensive glues I’ve tried out, but there is a reason for that! It's nothing like any glue I have EVER used. It makes applying lashes an absolute DREAM...and here is why:

- The glue comes in clear or black - I prefer to use the black one!

-It has an impressive 0.2 SECONDS DRYING TIME! This means that you can cut down your treatment time and in return, can fit more lash appointments into your day which is great! I went from nearly 2-3 hours to almost 1.45-2 per appointment, depending on the clients' lashes.

- I’ve also found that it works well no matter what environment it is used in. Some glues I’ve tried can be difficult to work with under different room temperatures etc. My studio is an older building, meaning the temperature varies from cold to hot quite a lot - and I’ve never noticed this affecting the glue which is GREAT.

Now that I’ve tried and tested Battle Glue for around 6 months, I can honestly say that I’ve found my GO-TO glue forever. I love it, and most importantly, my clients love it too.

For the BEST results, make sure you are following the correct treatment prep stages and cleaning your lash bottle. Be sure to keep it stored under the correct recommended environment.

I also recommend this glue for experienced lash techs only, as the fast-drying can be difficult to work with.

Battle Glue can be purchased on our website, as well as other Lash eXtend products.

Amy Martin