• Gelish 'Water Baby' Gelish 'Water Baby'
  • Gelish 'Arctic Freeze' with Black Art Form Gel Gelish 'Arctic Freeze' with Black Art Form Gel
  • SoftGel Long Stiletto tips with Gelish 'You're Such a Sweet-tart' SoftGel Long Stiletto tips with Gelish 'You're Such a Sweet-tart'
  • SoftGel Medium Round with Gelish 'Water Baby' SoftGel Medium Round with Gelish 'Water Baby'
  • Our lovely Jessica Prout! Our lovely Jessica Prout!

Meet an Ambassador: Jessica Prout

Not only do we have our wonderful HQ team and educators here at Georgie Smedley Group, but we also have fantastic ambassadors around the country that promote our products and create stunning looks with them. Today, we chat to one of our newest ambassadors Jessica Prout about all things Gelish, and the pressure to create salon-satisfactory nail looks.

What is your favourite part about being a Georgie Smedley Group ambassador?

As the newest Georgie Smedley Group ambassador, it’s been great to join such a welcoming and talented group. I can’t wait to meet everyone in person once things are back to normal. But for now, I have really loved creating nails using the new SoftGel system.

How long have you been creating your gorgeous nail art?

I’ve been doing nails for 9 years now, but the start of the COVID-19 pandemic really got my creative juices flowing. I found a new love for nail art, especially realistic and character art.

Where do you get the inspiration to create your looks?

I have a Pinterest board several pages long. Any time I see any kind of inspiration I’ll add it, it's filled with everything from wallpaper patterns to weird and crazy art paintings.

I noticed on your Instagram that you often feel pressure to post certain types of looks. How has this affected the designs you've been creating?

I really struggle with anxiety, which you’ll see I talk about a lot and am very open with on my Instagram. I tend to post hand painted mini art pieces or character nails over ‘salon nails’, as that's what I feel is my safety zone. It’s what I do best so I do sometimes struggle to find inspiration to create salon styles that don't turn wild or wacky.

What other interests do you have alongside nails? Anything that's kept you busy during lockdown apart from creating new looks?

Outside of nails, I'm an ordinary wife and mum who loves to be outside. I am a huge supporter of small businesses and over the last few months have been collecting handmade mugs from small shops. Pottery is something I would love to give a go one day but I fear I might have to give up my long nails and I’m not sure I’m ready to do that just yet!

What is your favourite system to use when doing a clients’ nails and why?

PolyGel is my absolute go to as I’m yet to find someone it doesn’t suit! It’s light to wear but has the same strength as acrylic, not to mention the fact it’s a dream to file!

How excited do you feel to finally be back in the salon?

It’s great to be back in the salon! I’m a complete chatterbox and thrive on conversation, so not only is it great doing nails which I absolutely love but it's also helped my mental health too.

Finally, what is your go-to favourite Gelish shade?

My go-to shade for myself has to be ‘Rhythm and Blues’ from the ‘After Hours’ Collection. It’s the perfect all-rounder: great in summer but also an amazing Christmas colour too.

To view more of Jessica's work, follow her Instagram: @theprouts

Chloe Johnson