• Amy's very first try at One Stroke! Amy's very first try at One Stroke!

Learning After Lockdown

One Stroke for Beginners!

It's been tough, hasn't it?! Being stuck at home, missing that creativity and interaction with clients. For many, getting back into the salon has spurred the desire to learn new techniques and create unique, creative looks.

We're happy to introduce: LEARNING AFTER LOCKDOWN.

We are working hard to introduce online training - workshops and accredited courses!

How does it work?

A workshop is put on by your educator and run individually online.

Our accredited courses require specific kit, number of days and one half day assessment once lockdown has eased.

Amy Martin (@__a_m_beauty__) gives us an insight into her first ever shot at one stroke, after her online course with Monika Kupien!

"After struggling to think of new nail art designs to create and getting bored of painting the same thing on nails, I decided to enrol on to Monika Kupien's One Stroke Class.

I was a bit nervous at first as I've never done a nail art course before! I had no idea what to expect and I am a complete beginner when it comes to One Stroke.

The course was split into 3 parts:

1. Introduction

This was great as we got to find out what was going to be included in the course, how it all works, and an introduction to one stroke. We also learned about Colour Theory and how to finish nail designs as a whole - I found this part really interesting.

2. Practicing the Basics

Before starting the course we were asked to have 5 tips prepared ready for art. We were taught how to pick up colour for one stroke, and how to blend colours. Once we had mastered picking up colour - we then were taught how to make basic shapes. I was really nervous about this part but Monika had a great way of explaining everything which made it a lot easier.

3. After a quick juice break it was then time to start building our designs, after learning the basics I felt a lot more confident going into this stage. We learned 5 different one stroke designs - each design was explained so easily and made the process feel a lot easier. I never once felt rushed and I didn't need to stop to ask for questions - as Monika covered everything thoroughly. The best part about this course is that we have access to each 3 videos for the next 30 days, so we can refer back to them whenever we need to!

Going on now after the course, I cannot wait to put everything into practice and start offering one stroke in the salon.

I highly recommend doing this course for anyone else like me - who have always wanted to try "one stroke" but never knew where to begin."

Check out the photos to see Amy's very first go at One Stroke, with Monika's help, she's nailed it!
Thank you Amy for that fantastic feedback, we look forward to seeing more of your one stroke creations!

If you're interested in booking on an online course, please WhatsApp us on: 01708485900!

Jazz Christodoulou