Back to Our Roots...

A Timeline of Georgie Smedley Group History!

You can imagine Georgie Smedley Group now, a big warehouse, loads of offices, printing, marketing and education. But it's not always been so, and it's not been easy... let's go back.

Georgie Smedley had a passion for nails at 21 when she did her first course. It was raw, natural talent & within 6 months she was teaching.

Over the years, Georgie went on to compete & win competitions, work in the lab to help develop products you use today and eventually, becoming a Master Distributor for the original soak off gel polish - Gelish.

Creator & founder of Gelish, Danny Haile knew Georgie, and when he approached her to take on the products, she sampled them with her own clients. Her clients immediately recognised that she had changed the brand she was using without even being told.

Danny enlisted a team of chemists in the USA in order to developed and produce these products himself, knowing exactly what went into them and the results that would come out of them. Having worked in a family owned nail salon made him see what was missing and what needed to be changed within the industry.

From the day that Gelish launched in the UK in 2010, we vowed to be the same family-run business we are right through, knowing what goes into our products, where they are made and how they work.

Any issues or problems we come across we resolve as quickly as possible and we pride ourselves on our customer service. You know you have reliability in us, so any questions just ask!

With that being said, we want to ensure our industry is a safe place and in light of recent discoveries, it's hard to know what's safe.

If you'd like to see stricter regulations for the production of gel nail products, please click HERE to sign the petition.

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