Gelish Clueless Collection

Summer 2022

We promise you’re not buggin’! The Clueless Summer 2022 collection in partnership with Paramount Pictures is coming soon from Gelish®! The Clueless collection features a range of dynamic shades inspired by the iconic film. These shades are a fun, vibrant throwback that promise to bring back all the nostalgia of the 90s.

6pc Collection With Display:

  • Ugh, As If – Mustard Yellow Creme

  • Adorably Clueless – Princess Pink Creme

  • Driving In Platforms – Poppy Coral Creme

  • Powers Of Persuasion – Violet Creme

  • Total Betty – Sky Blue Creme

  • She’s A Classic – Hot Pink Creme

Bolt On (Plain Gelish Display):

  • Oops, My Bad! – Shattered Glass Glitter Overlay
  • So Check It – Sage Green Cre?me

  • Highly Selective – Light Pink Metallic

  • I Totally Paused – Red Punch Cre?me

  • Let’s Do A Makeover – Marigold Cre?me

  • Two Snaps For You – Lightest Pink With Party Glitter

images 4 & 5 - Amy Martin, Georgie Smedley Group Educator

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