Georgie Smedley Group Infrared Thermometer

Contactless Infrared Thermometer

Our infrared thermometer allows you to take the temperature of your client as soon as they arrive for their appointment, in order to keep your salon as Covid secure as possible.

We suggest having a pack of anti-bacterial wipes, along with hand sanitiser next to your thermometer on your reception desk. Sanitise your hands before using the thermometer, and then wipe down with an anti-bacterial wipe before recording your client's temperature on their Record Card.

The thermometer is completely contactless using a safe and accurate infrared technology. Simply press the button for a result in either Celsius or Fahrenheit in seconds.

Our thermometers are great for testing your client's temperature, but also work in checking food, water & pet temperature!


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  • Instructions for use

    When taking out of the packaging, you'll need to insert 2 x AA batteries. To do this, slide forward the battery cap on the underside. We recommend safely & carefully using a knife behind the hinge to do this so that you don't damage your nails. Ensure you insert the batteries in the correct polarity, as inserting them in the wrong way round could damage your unit.

    To turn it on, simply press the trigger button. Have the thermometer between 1cm and 5cm from your client and aim for the middle of the forehead. Press the trigger and the temperature will be displayed on the screen immediately. The temperature will automatically be stored on the log, and to retrieve the information, simply press the left or right buttons. For a more accurate reading, ask your client to move hair away from their face and refrain from wearing makeup.

    The unit will turn off automatically.

    Cleansing the lens: clean carefully using a cotton bud or cloth with an alcohol based cleansing agent.

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