Lash EXtend BLX Brow Lamination Kit

BLX Brow Lamination

Choose the latest innovative treatment in eyebrows: BLX Brow Lamination Fix.

The BLX Brow Lamination treatment is an advanced technique that transforms eyebrows into a perfect eyebrow. With this latest treatment you create voluminous, tight and defined eyebrows, similar to the microblading technique. The BLX Brow Lamination treatment is ideal for the following problems and customer requirements:

– Asymmetrically growing eyebrows– Stiff and untreatable eyebrows– Eyebrows whose hair grows in the wrong direction– So-called “frizz-eyebrows”– BLX Brow Lamination creates a completely open view.– The effect of BLX Brow Lamination gives customers the Cara Delevigne and the Amanda Khamkaew look

The BLX Brow Lamination Fix treatment takes an average of 30 to 55 minutes in the salon, depending on your own experience. It is a luxury brow treatment, which the customer can enjoy for 6 to 8 weeks; you never have to repeat the treatment within 6 weeks. The treatment includes coloring the eyebrows with regular eyebrow makeup; applying Henna is only possible after 48 hours have elapsed after the treatment.

Kit Contents:

- Lotion 1 - Lotion 2 - Lotion 3- Tool- Bonding Glue- Mascara Wands- Application Sticks

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