Lash EXtend LLX Lash Lamination Kit

Product Code: 7664

NEW! LLX Lash lamination & care kit

These products are suitable for all lash lifting stylists. Because of the high dose of keratin and vitamins in lotion 3, the product works deeper into the root of the hair and results in a beautiful, long-lasting lift and voluminous effect. Different as all other lash lifting brands. Because we want to offer and teach our customers the best you are welcome to follow a training course of this special product! You only pay for the package costs of the products. We recommend this to every stylist who will work with LLX Lash lamination & care.

No guarantee on the products and the end result for stylists who did not get proper training!

You will also learn a lot of new techniques concerning applying the lotions, removing the lotions, removing the silicone pad, different directions of lifts and so on.

The package contains:

Lotion 1

Lotion 2

Lotion 3

Lash lamination bond

Silicone pads S

Silicone pads M

Silicone pads L

Soft tape

Gel pads

Lash lifting Tool

Mini Foam

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