Lash EXtend LLX Lash Lifting Course - KIT INCLUSIVE COURSE - 1 DAY

Lash Lifting Course - MODEL REQUIRED

LLX Lash Lift is a treatment where the natural lashes are curled without the use of lash extensions or mascara - similar to a hair perm!

Please note that the Lash lifting by Lash eXtend is different from the regular permanent lashes treatment. Our technique does not involve the use of lash benders. The treatment is pain free and harmless because silicone pads and certified lotions are used.

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You will need a suitable model for the second half of the day. Date & times will be confirmed by your Educator.

Your model must arrive with no eye make-up ready for the lash appointment. If they suffer from any condition preventing them from lying still for extended periods (i.e. back problems or surgery), allergies, illnesses, or if they suffer with watery or sensitive eyes, or are on any mediation, please speak to your educator about their suitability prior to the course. Your model must not be at any stage of pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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