Lash EXtend Lashologist Choice Barrier Cream

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This has been in the making since 2013.

The idea came about as a result of people having microscopic cuts on their eyelids after using frosted and glittered eye shadows with mica in them. In addition, this is also an effort to reduce skin sensitivity. When performing eyelash extensions, sometimes the fumes or molecules settling on the eye are of already compromised skin integrity, causing further sensitivity, or dermatitis around the eye area. It is important that you use the lashologistä barrier cream from the lash line to the eyebrow and to the inner corner of the eyelid to the outer area of the eyelid in order to create a soothing protective barrier around the eye tissue. This will not prevent an allergic reaction if somebody is already allergic to the adhesive. This cream should be used on everyone who has eyelash extensions applied to their eye lashes as protection for their skin around the eyes. It is not meant to stop allergic reactions if someone has experienced a prior allergic reaction. This is just a protection so that the molecules will not enter into the skin area around the eyes causing sensitivity.

Clean eyelid tissue. Secure bottom lashes have the client close her eyes apply a small amount with a lint free applicator, applying from the base of the lashes (do not apply in the base of the lashes) to the eyebrow, from the inner corner of the eye lid to the outer corner of the eye lid. Then you will proceed to do your eyelash extensions. When finished you may massage in cream or you may remove it with the tissue a slight protection will remain on the skin of the eyes.

Other uses for lashologist choice barrier cream:- As a barrier for lash and brow tint- As a barrier when applying henna- Apply on lid after lash lifting- Helps to sooth skin conditions such as dermatitis- Eczema- Dry cracked irritated skin- Flakiness due to over usage of products- Can be used on a morning and evening basis.

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