Aeropuffing Aeropuffing No Cleanse LED Top Coat 8ml

The universal no-cleanse top coat with a high-gloss finish that cures without the sticky residue in LED light. This top coat is an ideal solution for capping your Aeropuffing designs – it protects your nail art from discoloration and works as a sealer gel.You can also use this top coat to get the thinner consistency of your LED Colored Gel Pastes. Squeeze a small amount of your Gel Paste color of choice to the Aeropuffing Steel Palette. Add a drop of the No Cleanse LED Gel Top Coat on the palette as well. Mix thoroughly both the paste and the top coat with a dotting tool, needle or a toothpick. Use the thinner consistency gel paste (now it will be similar to the consistency of gel paint) in your nail art as desired.Curing time:36 Watt LED Light = 30 sec.Item ID:#10104

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