Aeropuffing Aeropuffing Angled Nail Art Brush (No4)

The Angled AEROPUFFING Brush is a great tool that any nail tech should have.

If you're into working with high quality instruments and strive for achieving outstanding nail designs – this brush is for you! The angled brush is used for one stoke technique and chinese handpainting. Can be used with Aeropuffing Gel Pastes and gel polishes. Length of the bristles: 6 mm. / 0.23 in. Length of the full brush w/ handle: 151 mm. / 5.94 in. High quality Angled Nail Art brush boasts: • top quality socle of the brush • ergonomic handle made of special plastic • protective cap with a silicon coating from the inside that protects brush bristles • elastic bristles made out of synthetic fiber

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