POLYGEL Slip Solution

No Monomer, 7-Free, Spa-Fresh Scent! The Industry's Safest Liquid.

No Monomer = No Odor! Now, even the most discriminating salons and spas can offer nail enhancement services!

PolyGel Slip Solution effortlessly glides product into place, eliminates friction for drag-free shaping, and does not activate curing.

PolyGel is only available to PolyGel trained nail techs. Should you choose to purchase this product without attending training; this would be done at your own risk and without our ongoing technical support. You would be putting your clients at risk, and would not be covered by your insurance. In addition, our insurers will not cover us for advising you how to use it. All officially qualified PolyGel Nail Techs will receive a certificate plus this window cling showing that they're an Authorized PolyGel Nail Technician.Nail Harmony UK will not be held responsible for any liability claims arising from non-trained individuals

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