All That Jazz Massage Lotion (Available In 4 Scents and 2 Sizes)

Our deluxe massage lotion is full of oils and vitamins to aid massage using various techniques. Rosehip seed oil in the lotion contains essential fatty acids to regulate the flow of skin cells, leaving your hands feeling fresh and young.

Directions for use: Use after hand/foot scrub to massage in using petrissage and effleurage movements.

Available in 2 sizes: 200ml and 500ml Refill

Available in any of our 4 Scents:

CAPTIVATE A beautifully soothing aroma of lightly perfumed musk and coconut oil.CAPTIVATE and fascinate with this romantic, sensual, soothing, warming and calming line of products. The refreshing aroma of coconut oil is reminiscent of the tropics and summer, whilst the soft musk aroma takes you to a relaxing paradise.

CHOCOLATE ORANGE An amazing heavenly aroma of fresh squeezed Californian Orange & Chocolate shavings. CHOCOLATE ORANGE is a pure treasure for the sweet tooth. It’s sweet, delicious and helps you reduce the day’s stress, and its aroma constantly reminds you of its protective cocoa-orange cocoon protecting your skin.

APPLE CUCUMBER A fresh and crisp scented treatment of aromatic russet apple and sliced cold cucum- ber. Indulge yourself in the comfort and relaxation of our APPLE CUCUMBER series of products. The refreshing scent of cucumber brings up memories of sunny days and spring & summer, while the ripe apple aroma makes you feel invigorated and alive.

MAPLE SPICEMAPLE SPICE sends you into a dreamy memory of gathering around a log fire, being surrounded by a sweet scent of maple, and the warmth of winter spices; this scent, although quite seasonal, is one you won’t want to stop using!

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