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All That Jazz UK The Dark Side of the Moon –

With the moon landings man’s greatest achievement, All That Jazz UK takes you back to The Dark Side of the Moon... visit the galaxy of Andromeda but don’t get Lost In Space or you’ll miss the Total Eclipse and the explosive Supernova.

These long-wearing and versatile nail polish shades allow you to transition seamlessly from day to night, you’ll want to wear them all winter long.

All That Jazz UK is a trend focused nail brand that is fronted by nail industry icon Jazz Smedley, featuring over 100 gorgeous shades; with colours ranging from dazzling glitters, to neon bright’s and barely there nudes. The brand launches four gorgeous collections annually that will keep your fingertips on the pulse of fashion.

From cool stone to old-world teal, the new range for winter brings a moodier colour palette of 4 on trend lacquers for the colder months:

Four Colours:

Andromeda - Brown GlitterLost In Space - TealTotal Eclipse - Silver ShimmerSupernova - Stone

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