Deluxe Rush (Bronze) Crystal Pixie

Crystal Pixie is like magic stardust on your fingernails! Made of tiny particles of round crystals mixed with tiny cut crystals , these gorgeous sparkles create a mesmerising diamond glitter effect that cannot be achieved with anything else.

APPLICATION: 1. Prep the nail and keep it thin because the product will add thickness to the nail which will also give it strength. For enhancements, thin out the nail slightly prior application of Pixie. 2. If using on natural nails, apply foundation and cure. 3. Apply one thin layer of Gelish Structure Gel Do not cure. 4. Sprinkle Crystal Pixie over the uncured layer of gel. Make sure to rotate the nail to get the crystals on the entire nail. 5. Remove any excess crystals from the edges of the nail and tuck any loose pieces inward to avoid the cuticle and the edge of the nail using a dry flat gel brush. 6. Gently pat down the crystals with your brush to create set and secure the crystals in the gel for a smooth layer. Cure. 7. Cap the outer edges with Gelish Top It Off. Cure. 8. Using a nail wipe, cleanse the sticky residue. 9. Apply Nourish Cuticle oil.

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