Gelish & All That Jazz Nail Survival Kit

While stocks last

We know business may be hard right now, so we've put together a pack to look after you (a little bit of extra income!) and your clients (nail care!).

Teach them how to soak off & take care of their nails until they can come back to be your loyal customer again.

Each Survival Pack includes an instructional sheet as a reminder.

Nail Survival Kit Contents

  • ATJ Gel Resin
  • ATJ Brush On Activator
  • Thin Wooden File
  • ATJ Base Line
  • ATJ Top Note
  • ATJ Colour
  • ATJ Cuticle Oil
  • Nail & Cosmetic Pads (10pcs)
  • ATJ Orangewood Stick (2pcs)
  • 2oz Gelish Soak Off Remover
  • Soak Off Foils (10pcs)
  • ATJ Bag

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  • Instructions for use

    Gel resin is a thick version of normal resin (that's what is used to repair nails). The gel is more useful for an emergency situation, as it is easier to build a little more with it, than having a thinner product which can run everywhere. Simply squeeze a small bead onto the weakened/split nail, raise the split to allow some gel to go between the layers, and press down with an orange-wood stick provided in your Survival Pack. Then use the Brush On Activator to brush the gel across the required area, and leave to dry. Repeat the activator if it is not dry within 2 minutes. Do not use too much gel as - because it's thicker, it can prevent quick curing. Once you have used the brush on activator, squeeze the brush between two sheets of kitchen roll, to remove all excess product and prevent the brush from hardening with gel on it.

  • Additional Info

    Gel resin - this is like a glue, to protect and fix any damaged nails.

    Brush on Activator - this sets the glue, without it, it won't dry.