About us

Georgie started her career in a ladies boutique and by the age of 18 was promoted to assistant manager. She started to learn nails in 1993 while she was working within insurance and she would build up her career in nails with any spare time. She was then offered a position as an educator within Star Nails six months after starting to learn nails. Georgie quickly moved onto Area Manager and then National Training Manager and got to work with chemists in a lab developing gels and occasionally acrylics and was constantly striving to work with better products and more premium ranges. During this time Georgie trained with Antony Buckley who was with EzFlow Nail Systems and grew to love that product so much so that she eventually took on distribution and education for the southeast. She very quickly become an International Educator and enjoyed many travels for exhibitions and training events, eventually leading Georgie into Nail Harmony.

Jason & Georgie had been working with EzFlow products and wanted to have something they could pull into the UK which would be their baby. They knew that Danny Haile had been developing this fantastic brand (he was previously the genius behind EzFlow) and so June 2010 Nail Harmony UK was born.

Jason & Georgie were really excited to market Gelish. Without a doubt it was going to take the UK by storm and they had so many great ideas for marketing campaigns, slogans and brand awareness.

The brand is meticulous, everything has been tried and tested to the finest detail. Harmony believe in supplying only the highest standard of products.

There were initially two members in the UK Team; Jason and Georgie, now the Team has grown to have approximately 60 employees made up of Office Staff, National Educators and Distributors across the UK.

In the early stages and even today Jason & Georgie invest a lot of time in social networking sites to raise brand awareness. Jason & Georgie also have some great celebrity followers who help spread the harmony love!

The brand has grown from two employees and no salons to a household name. This owed to the quality of the products and the work ethic within the Harmony Team.

In the twenty years Jason & Georgie have been working in the industry there is no other brand that has expanded and taken over as quickly as Nail Harmony UK.

Nail Harmony UK have approximately 45,000 salons and nail technicians registered to the website.

Although Jason & Georgie only distribute in the UK they took all 40 of their educators to LA this year for training!

Nail Harmony UK have the following celebrities who are fans of Gelish:

• Tulisa

• Emeli Sande

• Little Mix

• Kimberley Walsh

• Jessie Ware

• Two Shoes

• Amy Childs

The Harmony UK team has been on the following nail gigs:

• The Clothes Show Live

• Hard Rock Concert

• The X Factor

• Britain’s Got Talent

• Harley Street Beauty

Nail Harmony UK are always at the forefront of Innovative Technology. They were the first to introduce the LED Lamps. With continued growth they are always looking to be one step ahead.

What does the future hold for Nail Harmony UK?

Jason & Georgie feel that they are just at the tip of the Gelish Iceberg after continued year on year growth, constant celebrity attraction, TV programs and an ever-growing Harmony Army Team. If Nail Harmony UK can do this in two years, the future is seems to be immeasurable for this ever growing company!