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NEW Filigree Stickers - Neon Orange

BRAND NEW PATTERNS! Now available in neon colours!

Metallic Filigree Stickers can be used on natural nails, on top of traditional nail polish or artificial (gel, gel polish, acrylic) nails.

  • Filligree Metallic Look
  • Available in 16 Designs
  • Available in 7 Colours
  • Each Sheet Of Stickers Contains 10 Stickers (2 x 5 Sizes) - One For Each Finger.
  • Quickly Create Nail Designs
  • Salon Size Stickers
  • Use On Entire Nail or Just Part.
  • Long Lasting
  • Only Design Has Adhesive (Not Full Sticker)
  • Delicate and Micro-Slim
  • Smooth Surface After Applying Top Coat or Gelish Top It Off

How To Use:

- Measure each sticker to find the suitable size for each nail. Remove the sticker from the backing using a sharp object e.g tweezer or pointed dotting tool.

- Place it on the surface of the nail.

- Trim edges and press into place.

- Seal as below:

Natural Nails : Apply directly on the natural nail, seal with one to two layers of top coat.

Polished Nails: Apply over polished nails once the polish has dried, seal with one or two layers of top coat.

Gelish Nails: After sealing with top it off, cleanse, buff slightly, apply sticker and seal with one to two layers of top it off.

Acrylic nails: Apply directly on top of a buffed acrylic nail, and seal with one to two layers of top coat or top it off.

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