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All That Jazz

Filigree Stickers - Black

Metallic Filigree Stickers can be used on natural nails, on top of traditional nail polish or artificial (gel, gel polish, acrylic) nails.

  • Filligree Metallic Look
  • Available in 20 Designs
  • Available in 5 Colours
  • Each Sheet Of Stickers Contains 10 Stickers (2 x 5 Sizes) - One For Each Finger.
  • Quickly Create Nail Designs
  • Salon Size Stickers
  • Use On Entire Nail or Just Part.
  • Long Lasting
  • Only Design Has Adhesive (Not Full Sticker)
  • Delicate and Micro-Slim
  • Smooth Surface After Applying Top Coat or Gelish Top It Off

How To Use:

- Measure each sticker to find the suitable size for each nail. Remove the sticker from the backing using a sharp object e.g tweezer or pointed dotting tool.

- Place it on the surface of the nail.

- Trim edges and press into place.

- Seal as below:

Natural Nails : Apply directly on the natural nail, seal with one to two layers of top coat.

Polished Nails: Apply over polished nails once the polish has dried, seal with one or two layers of top coat.

Gelish Nails: After sealing with top it off, cleanse, buff slightly, apply sticker and seal with one to two layers of top it off.

Acrylic nails: Apply directly on top of a buffed acrylic nail, and seal with one to two layers of top coat or top it off.

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